Mallory Paige Designs, Inc.

Moving Mountains for Adults with Disabilities

Beautiful Things

Every piece in our collection is designed, crafted, and packaged in collaboration with our special employees.  At Mallory Paige Designs, we believe that EVERY LIFE has value, and it is our mission to put the talents of those otherwise deemed as "disabled" by society on display.  Join us as we MOVE MOUNTAINS for adults with disabilities - one beautiful piece of jewelry at a time.

Style & Quality

The faith of a mustard seed - that's all it takes.  You'll find our signature glass vial containing a single, tiny mustard seed on each design along with the initials of the employee who receives an above-average commission for the sell of that design. We're not a charity.  We employ adults with disabilities and pay them fairly.  Your purchase allows us to prove the value these individuals bring to the workplace. 

100% Handmade

All of our designs are made with 100% real leather and are handcrafted by someone with a "different ability" as well as someone who loves them.  You'll find the initials serve as authenticity of who directly benefits from your purchase.  You can confidently wear our designs knowing they were lovingly designed and created by the hands of someone who loves what they do.

Spread the word

As a small start up, we're relying on you to help us spread the word.  Our mission is to eliminate the stigma placed on our friends with Down Syndrome as well as other disabilities.  We encourage you to show off your purchases and tell your friends who designed and created them!  If that results in a sale - GREAT!  If it results in someone being educated on the vast abilities of someone with Down Syndrome - EVEN BETTER!