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Moving Mountains for Adults with Disabilities

A short one...

Tiffany McDowell

Mal was born in 1989, and the life expectancy for people with Down Syndrome even then was still mid-20's. I remember the day I read that in the library (even in elementary school I wanted to know everything I could in order to protect her) and being inconsolable when I got home - I literally held her for hours trying to soak in every detail about her. It was that day that I vowed to make her life as great as it could be regardless of how many years it would encompass, and my mission began. The thought that she is now 26 (27 in November) and I had been convinced as a small child that THIS is when I thought I would be losing my baby sister still has not lost its effect on me.

I feel like God heard my tearful prayers as a small girl and answered them for me and for many others. I refuse to waste these years that I didn't expect to have sitting back and NOT advocating for my sister's quality of life as a woman and citizen of this country. Come see how we're doing it!