Mallory Paige Designs, Inc.

Moving Mountains for Adults with Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a personalized or customized design?

Absolutely! Please use the "Contact" link to begin the collaboration process for your design. Pricing and turn-around time will be determined based on the design. We LOVE working with clients to commemorate a special occasion or honor a special someone.


How long will it take to receive my order?

For most of our designs, you should receive them within a week. Custom pieces will be determined based on the design.


How do I care for my leather bracelet?

We recommend not bathing in most of our designs. Although many of our pieces are made of coated leather, we can't verify that they are water-PROOF. As the pieces are worn and taken on/off repeatedly, the knots in our sliding-knot designs may loosen a bit. No worries! Simply tighten the knots by pulling on the "stray" leather sticking out of the knot using your fingers or pliers (or your teeth...but don't tell your mother we said that!).


How exactly does my purchase benefit someone with special needs?

This is, perhaps, the most important question of all! It's the reason we exist and are so passionate about what we do at Mallory Paige Designs. Our jewelry is designed in-house by a talented staff of typically-abled and differently-abled employees. The initials you find on every Mallory Paige design are those of the differently-abled designer who receives a commission after the sell. We're not a non-profit or a charity. We're a for-profit and for-purpose company that sees tremendous skill and ability in the people that have been overlooked by other employers. Our business model empowers adults with different abilities to lead the life they have dreamed of by allowing them to earn a fair wage doing GREAT work!


How does the sliding knot bracelet work?

It's so easy and one size TRULY fits all! But we also understand that you may have never worn this style of bracelet before. NO WORRIES! We've put together an easy-to-understand tutorial if that's the case!

Questions about how your new sliding knot bracelet from Mallory Paige Designs works? No worries! We've got your "How To" video right here! XOXO, Tiff & Mal